Wildcat Canyon

Cartoon Fun In Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon, created by NextGen gaming studios, is a well animated online slot machine game. It features an endearing theme based around a wildcat cartoon character. This character, present in many of the tiles, will animate when wins are achieved, creating an entertaining online slot machine experience. Note that this game may be played for free or real money, and is compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers. If playing on a computer, please ensure that you have the latest Flash software installed before opening the game.

Play Rules For Wildcat Canyon

The game works via the traditional rules of a casino slot machine. This requires that the player first make an initial, upfront bet. The value of this bet can be changed as the player prefers, via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Once the bet is decided upon, the reels may then by spun by clicking the spin button, also located at the bottom of the screen. When the tiles have stopped spinning a certain number of tiles will be visible. It is with these tiles that winning sequences must be formed, from left to right in the play area. Take note that sequences can be formed on a number of pay lines, which may also be adjusted via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Remember; the more lines bet on the greater the chance of winning. However, more open lines mean the greater the initial bet must be. The player should, therefore, adjust the bet and the number of lines played on before each spin, allowing for a balance between cash spent and the percentage of a possible win. Don’t forget that more help is always available from the customer support centre of the website on which you play.


Standard Wildcat Canyon Tiles

The standard tiles of the game are all designed to work with the theme of the game, featuring silly cartoon characters. These include the Wildcat himself, a vulture, a goat, a snake, and a cactus. The vulture is the most valuable tile, and will payout the greatest possible standard win if matched with itself five times. The nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also present, with the nine and ten paying out the lowest possible standard win. Take note also of the special tiles, which grant bonus features when in a matching sequence.

Wildcat Canyon Special Feature Tiles

The Wildcat is a wild card, as would be expected. He may match with any other tile to form a winning sequence. The paw print, however, is the real money maker in this game. If matching at least three paw prints a mini game will be triggered. In these mini games the player may select their preference, out of a choice of three. The choices include fifteen free spins with a times three multiplier, ten free spins with a times five multiplier, or five free spins with a times ten multiplier. The spins will play out automatically upon making a choice. Obviously, the player should hope to see as many paw prints as possible.