Teddy Bears Picnic

Cute Bears And Big Wins with Teddy Bears Picnic Slots

Teddy Bears Picnic, created by the well known NextGen studios, is a traditional slot machine game. It features a theme based around the classic Teddy Bears Picnic song, including a set of lovely tiles designed to delight players. Likewise, the song will play during each spin, sure to bring a smile to any face. If you would like to switch the sound off, this may be done via the music not button, found near the bottom of the screen.

The game is playable on both mobile phone and home computer. If playing on a mobile phone, please ensure that the game is compatible before initiating the installation. Your application store should have an notification that informs if the game may or may not be played on your device.

Standard Play Tiles

The standard play tiles of the game reflect the adorable theme. Include are a daddy bear, mommy bear, and baby bear, with daddy beat being the most valuable. Other tiles include a cake, cup of coffee, as well as the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. Don’t forget that special feature tiles can trigger major bonus payouts.

Teddy Bears Picnic Bonuses

The honey tile is a wild card, meaning that it may match with any other tile to create a wining sequence. The basket tile is a scatter symbol, and if matched with itself at least three times, will trigger the free spins special feature. This involves a number of wild cards being added to the reels, and the free spins playing out. Any honey icon landed is held, allowing for a greater chance of winning with each additional spin. The final feature is the cuddly teddy bear feature. At the end of each round a teddy bear may appear to add wild cards to the play area, increasing the chances of winning. This is a random event, and will occur periodically with no input from the player required.


Teddy Bears Picnic – How To Play

The game uses the expected standard rules of slot machine games. This includes, of course, having a set of reels spin, and when stopping, hopefully create winning sequences. A winning sequence consists of the same tile matching with itself, a minimum of three times, up to a maximum of five times. The more times matched, the higher the payout, with some tiles being worth more then others. The player may also select how many lines to bet on, which is done via the arrows found near the bottom of the screen. The maximum amount of bet lines is twenty five, but may be reduced to just one. The more lines open, however, the greater the chances of a winning sequence being created. The less lines played, the less the upfront bet required. A player may experiment with this systems s they prefer raising and lowering betting lines for maximum winning opportunities at the right time. For more information on the potential winning sequences, click on the information button on the screen; this is represented by an ice cream.