2023 Is The Year For Online Fighting Games

If you’re into online fighting games this is your year. There are several major fighting game releases still due before the end of 2023, making this perhaps the biggest year ever for the genre. In fact, it’s been a great time in general for online games, with more gamers than ever getting in on the action. Let’s take a look at what you can expect before the end of the year, with a special focus on the one you’re probably most anticipating; Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6

The granddaddy of all fighting games is back with another instalment in June. Yes, everyone that’s ever pulled off a Hadouken is excited, not in the least because the new entry is shaping up to be a potential eSports phenomenon. From completely overhauled graphics to an expanded single-player campaign, Capcom seems to be going all out. Sure, better graphics won’t necessarily make a fighting game better, but it sure helps when your flaming uppercuts look cool.

The most exciting aspect of Street Fighter 6 is the new net code. As you probably already know, online fighting games are largely always bound by ping. If you or your opponent have ping spikes the game goes to hell almost immediately. Well, that problem is now dramatically better. Street Fighter 6 is getting rollback net code, meaning that ping spikes are soon to be a thing of the past. The problem won’t be gone entirely, but will be enormously improved. Rollback net code has already been released for other games, but is now becoming the foundation of the Street Fighter franchise. What a time to be alive.

Mortal Kombat One

Yes, you read that right; Mortal Kombat One, not twelve. Why? Because NetherRealm Studios probably understands that the plot of the franchise is now well beyond convoluted. So, time for a reboot. Let’s be honest though, you probably don’t much care about the plot. Mortal Kombat is all about punching off heads, ripping out hearts, and tearing off faces.

Only a single trailer is out for Mortal Kombat One so far, so there isn’t much to go on just yet. But things are looking promising. Mortal Kombat One is only coming in September, so if you’re looking for major thrills, hit up JackpotCity NZ while you wait.

Tekken 8

Mortal Kombat may be dropping its numerical system, but Tekken is perfectly happy to drop an 8 at the end of the title. Tekken is another extremely long-running franchise, though did have a bit of a lull in recent years. Not to worry, the franchise is back and looking better than ever. Interestingly, of all modern online fighting games, only the Tekken franchise and a few others have kept the 3D format.

Fatal Fury

What, a new Fatal Fury? Yes, an announcement officially went live that Terry Boggart is coming back in another Fatal Fury. Very little is known about the new Fatal Fury so far, but no doubt fans of retro fighting games are dancing a jig. No doubt more information will be incoming in the near future.