Wild Shootout slot

Wild Shootout Slot Examined

Wild Shootout slot by Williams Interactive is a Wild West themed slot.

The Wild West, also known as the American Frontier, was a geographical location in the Western United States during the late 19th century. It has been popularised through countless books, television shows, and movies over the last seventy five years as both an overly romantic and overly violent part of United States history. Gun battles, cattle drives, horse rustling, poker games, saloon girls, locomotive robberies, marshals, sheriffs, the gold rush and manifest destiny are some of the many characteristics and themes and run through the narrative. Some of these themes are also carried over into Williams Interactive software’s Wild Shootout slot.

The background for this Wild West slot is a picture of the rolling green plains, known as The Great Plains, which were made up of grasslands, prairie, and steppe between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains in both the United States and Canada. The silhouette of a cowboy on his horse is seen riding towards the mesas and buttes of the South West areas of the Old West.

In the top left corner, the logo of the game is two colt, black powder Union revolvers from the Civil War crossed over Wild Shootout with the Bonus Pay being displayed just below. In the bottom left corner, the player can see their cash, bet and win displayed on a polished silver plate with bronze trimming.

The logo for the game is written in striking gold with an ornate red lantern as a backdrop. Gold and red colours used throughout the theme emphasise the connection to the Far East. The music is instrumental and also fits very well with the theme of this slot.


Wild Shootout Slot Reel Symbols

The reel for Wild Shootout slot is very unique. It features a six reel configuration with a total of one hundred and ninety two paylines.

What makes this particular six reel configuration unique is that it rolls a different number of symbols on each reel going from a smaller number to a larger number. On the first reel it rolls two symbols. On the second reel it rolls three symbols. On the third reel it rolls four symbols. On the fourth reel it rolls five symbols. On the fifth reel it rolls six symbols, and on the sixth reel it rolls seven symbols.

The reel symbols for this game fit perfectly with the Wild West theme. The symbols include a gold sheriff’s star on a blue background, a bandit cowboy with a pistol and red handkerchief covering his face, a brown cowboy hat with silver star, a saloon girl in a purple dress with a hand fan, a saloon girl in a green dress with a hand fan,  and a silver gun laid on a poker table showing “the dead man’s hand” which is aces and eights. Other symbols include a bag of money, a tall cowboy which serves as the wild, two bullets, and the ace, club, spade and heart.

Bonus Features

The Wild Reel feature is activated if the entire reel is filled with the bandit symbol.

Free Spin Bonus feature is activated if the player gets three or more of the scattered bonus symbols on reels two, three, four, five or six.