How Mobile Gaming Has Evolved Over The Last Few Years

Since its first introduction into the mainstream industry, gaming has quickly become one of the modern world’s favourite pastimes. It comes in every shape and form imaginable, and entire systems have been created over the years to accommodate different types of gaming for different types of people.

From the first, early gaming consoles of the 1970s to the current generation of high-end gaming computers, games have had a long and fascinating evolution. One type of gaming that has truly boomed in the last few years is mobile gaming, which has gone on to become the most popular type of gaming in the world.

Mobile technology has changed the world in more ways than any other advancement in the 21st century, and has allowed us a level of convenience and entertainment that was previously confined to the world of science fiction.

Gaming has long been a part of the mobile experience, and today we have a massive variety of games to choose from, ranging from simple games like Tetris for pure entertainment, or even games like online blackjack Canada for those wanting to have a go at the online casino market. Whatever the case may be, the games we have today started from much humbler beginnings.

Mobile Gaming in the 1990s

Although mobile gaming had already been established with devices such as the Nintendo Gameboy, these were more for children, and part of the already well-established range of available consoles. Mobile gaming in terms of mobile phones came much later on with devices like the Nokia 3310, which offered one of the most popular games of the time: Snake.

Snake was about as simple as they come, where the player controls a small snake, making it move around the screen eating apples and causing it to grow by one segment per apple. The more the snake grew, the harder it was to control, which further increased the challenge for the player.

Its simplicity was part of its charm, and it was this thought process that would become part of the mobile gaming experience for years to come.

The Early 2000s

The 2000s were an era where technology was beginning to advance much more rapidly, and it wasn’t long before mobile devices were more powerful than most of the gaming consoles from 20 years earlier.

This gave developers the chance of actually porting some of the most popular games of the time into mobile versions, allowing players to enjoy some of the games they remembered from their childhoods.

Thus games like Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, Asteroid, and many more were reborn in the modern world, and it proved to be an unprecedented success, but still not quite as popular as what was to come a few years down the line.

The Mid-2000s to Today

Circa 2007, the first real smart phone hit the market: the Apple iPhone. This device completely revolutionised the mobile market, and it didn’t take long for other manufacturers to begin producing their own versions of the smart phone.

Soon there were app stores and markets where original and interactive 3D games became all the rage, with such games as Angry Birds and Clash of Clans taking the planet by storm.

Mobile devices have branched out further into tablets and even smart watches; but looking back to where it all started, it makes you realise just how far the humble mobile phone game has come.