Who Is Tops Between Apple and Android – The Debate Rages On

Apple and Android both have their loyal followers and in this article the differences and similarities will be explored.

Features of Each

The iPhone uses a TouchID fingerprint sensor to unlock a screen that is very convenient.  There are some Android phones that have something similar or they have a “Smart Lock” tool, which makes use of facial recognition or a location to unlock the screen.

The Android option is not as secure though, so if you enjoy the online Blackjack Canada games that are so readily on offer, you may want to remember that it is easer to unlock your phone.

Android phones have a much better contact layout and favourites are cleverly organised in order of those people most contacted.  iPhone has FaceTime which is a great feature and unfortunately Android does not have anything to compare it with.  Working with contacts in Android is much easier and the large photo is helpful when trying to find a contact.

The iPhone will automatically connect with social networks such as Facebook and take the contacts from there.  Android phones generally have to make use of another app to do this.

Android and the iPhone both display the time when the phone is locked and it seems that most Android phones are better at time keeping.  Android phones like Samsung and HTC come with smart covers that will automatically display the time when the phone is taken out of a pocket.

Android also comes with a “daydream” clock which continues being displayed even while the phone is on charge.

Android has a much better keyboard that includes gestures for swiping and very important, the punctuation is on the same screen where the letters are found.  Apple has also recently introduced lowercase letters when users are not using capitals.

Voice activation and talking assistants are very popular.  Android has a voice assistant that will type as the user talks and can also work offline.  iPhone has Siri which is fun and is easier to use and much more intuitive.

The Debate Rages On - Who Is Tops Between Apple and Android


When it comes to cameras Android have some great cameras and some really bad ones, depending on which phone is being used.

The iPhone camera is always great and takes good quality photos.  When it comes to managing photos, Android is better as well as being less expensive.  Google Photos gives Android users limitless storage for free.


Apple and Android both have excellent application stores, but Android is much better at the organisation of their apps allowing users to put their important apps on their home screen and place the less used apps in an app drawer.  Android also has more useful widgets compared to Apple.

The Google Play Music app is a great asset for Android users and has a wide and varied list of free music.  Apple supports Apple Music of which there is no free option but will integrate with any iTunes downloads.

For email, Android makes use of Gmail as the main app, whichever service users are using.  Unfortunately for those not using Gmail there is little else one can do.

Android does have “material design” which allows users to easily browse folders and switch accounts between screens with a swipe.  The apple mail app will instantly recognise any exchange settings, with more taps and swipes to move around.

When it comes to notifications the iPhone allows users to respond to any active notifications in the notification without actually having to open the app.  Android does not have this facility. Android on the other hand lists the notifications according to their importance and notifications can be easily cleared with one swipe.