Merlins Millions

Magical Winnings In Merlins Millions Online Slots Game

Merlins Millions is an outstanding online slot machine game, featuring high quality graphics, a superb soundtrack, and addictive game play. Created by NextGen, the game features a five reel, fifty pay line system, meaning frequent small wins. The game is notable for using a fully animated Merlin character, visible on the left of the screen, who dances, fist pumps, and cast spells as the game progresses. This means that the game is larger in size then similar games, but the added entertainment value is more then worth it.

Standard Play – Tiles

Merlins Millions uses tiles designed to fit the theme. These include a magic book, a magic staff, and an eye in a bottle. Match any of these icons with themselves, up to a total of five times, to create a winning sequence and receive a payout. The traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace of playing cards are also used, with the nine being the least valuable.

Bonus Tiles And Features


In Merlins Millions the owl icon is this game’s bonus tile, and if matched with itself at least three times will trigger a mini game sequence. In this sequence, Merlin’s owl flies across the play area, turning all tiles into an owl tile. The player may then select a tile, animating the owl and having it fly away, revealing an amount of instant cash. This sequence will continue, with the player selecting news tile, until eventually a collect is revealed. All the sums of money revealed are combined, and the cash instantly added to the total balance. Also take note of the unique super bet feature. The button for this can be found at the bottom right, and when activated allows for massive multipliers to be applied to a particular spin. A maximum multiplier of ten is allowed. Note, however, that using a multiplier will require a larger upfront bet, and so should be used carefully. There is also, depicted as Merlin’s face, which may match with any other icon to create a matching sequence, except the bonus tile.

Free Play Or Real Play

Don’t forget that, should you not be looking to spend money, the game can be played for one hundred percent free. Some may argue that this is defeating the purpose of a slot machine, but there is no harm in just playing casinos to experience the graphics and sound design. If you would like to play for free, simply open the game and do not login to your account. Free virtual currency will be granted, allowing you to play to your hearts content without spending a cent. If, however, you are looking to score a few big wins, simply login to your account and all funds currently available will be put into play. Not, that if you do not have any funds, you will have to make a deposit before real play is allowed. In order to make a deposit, please be sure to have your bank account details handy. A more detailed explanation of account creation and making a deposit is available from the customer support centre of the website on which you play.