Merlins Magic Respin

Merlins Magic Respin Online Slot Review

Merlins Magic Respin, created by NextGen games, is an online slot machine game featuring superior graphics and an outstanding visual design. It uses a five reel, fifty pay line system, and requires the player to make an initial upfront bet and create winning matches with the play symbols. As with all slot machine games, there are a number of special features and bonus systems, meaning that the player can be awarded huge payouts if managing to strike it lucky.

Outstanding Graphics And Sound

The most notable aspect of Merlins Magic Respin is the extremely high quality of graphics, where slot machines are concerned. An animated, 3D model of Merlin the wizard can be seen on the left of the screen, who will react to the game, as well as casting delightful magic spells. The audio of the game is likewise impressive, creating a unique interactive experience with every spin taken.

Bonuses And Special Features


The super bet feature, seen on the right of the screen, is represented by the magical sword Excalibur. The feature allows the player to select a multiplier at any time between spins, up to a maximum of a five times multiplier. This will, of course, require a higher upfront bet, but can mean enormous winnings if landing a valuable sequence while a multiplier is in play. Note also the wild tile, represented by Merlin’s face, which can trigger a free spins sequence if it matches with itself at least three times.

Play Platforms – Mobile Or Home Computer

This game is compatible with most mobile devices, including modern smart phones and tablets. The interface of the game has been designed with one touch functionality, meaning that play is a smooth, easy experience on a touch screen. It is important to keep in mind that the game may not be perfect on all mobile phone models, and that if you find the game awkward or inconvenient it may be best to play on a different platform. You may also, however, play directly in a browser on a laptop or home computer. This can be done simply by opening the game and allowing it to load.

Play For Fun Or Real

Merlins Magic Respin may be played for free, using a virtual currency system, or for real money. Playing for free is easy, and can be done simply by opening the game on your mobile device or home computer. On a phone or tablet, simply tap the icon and the game will open. You will notice, near the bottom of the screen by the word balance, that an amount of free virtual currency will automatically be given. In order to utilise this currency, simply play the game. Note, however, that this virtual currency will not be carried over from game to game. If you would like to play for real money, simply log into your account, or create one if you have not already done so. Now, make a deposit of real money into the account, simply by entering your bank account details. Remember that if you link your bank account permanently that future deposits will be faster.