Rapunzels Tower

Fantasy Fun In Rapunzels Tower Online Slots Game

Rapunzels Tower, created by QuickSpin studios, is an online slot machine game. It uses the standard slot machine rules, but uses a special bonus feature based around the well known fairy tale character Rapunzel. The graphics are well drawn, featuring tiles depicting characters of the story. This game can be played for free or real money, as the player prefers, and is available now for your mobile device or home computer. If you have questions about the game, or would like help creating an account or making a deposit, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

Rapunzels Tower – Play Rules

The game works by the standard slot machine rules, using a five reel, twenty line play system. In order to start the player must make an initial upfront bet, which can be adjusted. In order to raise or lower the bet, use the display located at the bottom of the screen. You can also select how many lines you would like to bet on. Remember; the more lines bet on the greater the chance to win, but the greater the bet required. In order to change betting lines, simply click the arrow beside the betting lines display, then select the number of lines you would like. Once a bet has been placed, click the spin button, which can be found in the bottom right of the screen. You may also use the autoplay feature, found directly below the single spin button. Simply click the autoplay button, then select how many spins you would like to occur consecutively. A maximum of fifty spins can be chosen.


Standard Play Tiles

As with all slot machines, Rapunzels Tower requires that at least three matching tiles e used to create a winning sequence. The standard tiles of the game include the nine, ten, jack, queen and king of playing cards, and all have a value lower then the picture tiles. The picture tiles, including Rapunzel herself, a king, queen, and evil witch, have higher values, but are less likely to be matched. Remember that the game also has special feature and bonus tiles, plus a special mini-game feature which makes it a great partner to online keno NZ games.

Bonus And Special Play Tiles

The tile depicting Rapunzel’s hair ribbon is a wild card. It will match with other tiles, creating wins where none were previously possible. You may, for example, get two aces plus a hair ribbon, which will result in a three ace payout. If the hair ribbon matches with itself three times, it will grant a single free spin. The tower tile is this game’s bonus tile, and if matching with itself three times, will trigger the mini bonus game. In the bonus game the prince will attempt to climb the tower and save Rapunzel. The reels will spin, and for each bonus wild tile that appears, the prince will take a step up the tower. If he reaches the top of the tower, a major payout is made. If a spin occurs where no bonus wilds appear, however, the sequence will end.