Medusa 2

Mythical Monster Fun In Medusa 2

Medusa 2, created by NextGen, is a digital slot machine game. It features outstanding graphics, as well as an immersive sound design and high quality animations. Using the five reel, twenty line play system, the player must create matching sequences in order to be granted payouts. The most outstanding thing about the game is the very high quality 3D graphics used, including animations of a seductive Medusa turning Greek soldiers into stone.

Standard Play Tiles

Sticking with the ancient Greek theme, the picture tiles of the game include a stone soldier, a golden Greek soldier helmet, plus a bow and arrow and more. These tiles, played alongside the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, must be matched with themselves, with the golden helmet being the most valuable. The bonus tiles, however, are where the real money lies in this game.


Medusa 2 Bonus Sequences

The Medusa tile is a wild card, and may be matched with any other tile to form a winning sequence. When matched with itself three times or more, however, a bonus sequence will be triggered. During this sequence ten free spins are granted, during which an extra wild tile is added at random, allowing for a substantial increase the chances of winning. Also note that at random during any base game an animation may trigger, during which a soldier is turned to stone. This will add a stack of wild tiles to the game.

Free Play Or Real Play

It is possible to play this game just for fun, using a virtual currency system. If you would like to play for real, however, please take note of the following. You must be logged into a valid account. If you have not already made an account, please do so, keeping your name, address, email address, phone number and bank details handy. When logged in to the account, ensure that funds are available for play. If no funds are available, simply make a deposit using your bank account details. Remember that if you would like future deposits to be easier, you may permanently link your bank account. It is important to always keep your account details secret, and logout of your account when done playing.

How To Play Medusa 2

Medusa 2 works by the standard rules of slot machines. This requires that the player select an initial bet, which can be done via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Once a bet is decided, the reels must then be spun, which can be dine with the spin button. The reels will be set into motion, and upon stopping will display a selection of tiles. If matches are created in these tiles, from left to right in the display area, a payout will be made. The payout itself is determined by the value of the tiles, and may be more if a sequence of more then three tiles, up to a maximum of five, is created. Keep in mind, however, that certain bonus tiles may payout huge amounts, or even trigger bonus sequences. A more detailed explanation of the winning sequences can be found by clicking the information button in the display.