La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha Online Slot Review

La Cucaracha is an online slot machine game, created by NextGen, and featuring a number of cute, entertaining animations and mini games. The theme of the game is based around Mexican cockroaches, all of which animate when triggered, and even sing and partake in amusing antics. The core of the game is simple, but what makes it stand apart is the obvious amount of effort that has gone into making the game visually entertaining. The bonus feature, which is activated by matching three chilli tiles, stands apart as being one of the most unique uses of novelty in online slot machine games.


Standard Play Tiles

In La Cucaracha the main picture tiles feature a set of traditional Mexican party items, as well as a gang of amusing, anthropomorphic cockroaches. The tiles include a cactus, sombrero wearing cockroach in a whisky tumbler and maracas. Each of these has a set value, with the sombrero cockroach being the most valuable. The standard nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, but have a lower value then the picture tiles. Match any of these these tiles, from left to right in the play area, to be granted payouts. It is the bonus tiles, however, that present a real chance of winning big in the game.

Bonus Mini Games And Features

The chilli tile acts as a wild card, and may be matched with any other tile to create a winning sequence. If the chilli tile is matched with itself, however, the animated mini game will begin. This involves selecting one of four chilli stands, which will trigger the cockroach and have him eat the chilli. The hotter the chilli, or more valuable the pick, the higher the meter will rise on the right of the screen. If raising the bar high enough a one hundred times payout can be achieved. Note also the scatter icon, in this game represented by the dancing cockroach, which will grant multipliers when appearing in the play area. If appearing three times, the dancing cockroach will grant ten free spins.

User Friendly Interface

The interface of La Cucaracha has been designed with ease of use in mind. A quick glance to the bottom of the screen will show the players current funds, in the balance window, as well as the current total bet. Note that the bet can be changed between spins by simply using the plus and minus buttons. You will also find an option to change the betting lines, which is an important feature to understand and use correctly. By lowering the lines bet on, the overall initial bet will be lower. The chances to win per spin are also, however, significantly lowered. It is wise to adjust this option accordingly, as the game progresses. Finally, also take not of the autoplay feature. This function can be used to have the reels spin automatically, without the player having to click the spin button. To start an automatic spinning sequence, simply tap the autoplay button, then select the number of spins you would like to occur.