King Colossus

King Colossus Online Slots Review

King Colossus, created by QuickSpin studios, is an online slot machine game. It is relatively simple in design, and perhaps less extravagant then some other games, but still provides a solid online slot machine game playing experience. It uses a five reel, forty line play system, and has a notably relaxing soundtrack. The graphics and tile designs are also professionally done. The game may be played for free, using virtual currency, or for real. If wanting to play for real, be sure you are logged into your account and that funds are available.

King Colossus – How To Play

The game is a standard slot machine experience, meaning that the player must make an initial bet, which may be changed via the interface at the bottom, after which the reels are spun. Depending on which tiles are visible after the spin, matching sequences are created and paid out. Note that a matching sequence must have at least three tiles, and a maximum of five. The picture tiles in the game include King Colossus himself, plus a purple gem, green gem and blue gem. These picture tiles have the most value when matching. The ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, but payout less during a match. Note the wild tile, represented by a golden lion, which may match with any other tile to form a matching sequence. Note that any tile may not match with itself ore then five times, even when a wild is used.


Bonus Sequences And Special Tiles

The bonus tile, indicated by an enormous opening door, will grant free spins if matching with itself three times. During a free spin sequence two extra features are put into play. The first is that random wild tiles are distributed to the reels, allowing for a greater chance at winning. These are similar to the standard golden lion, but with the addition of the word wild. The second is that the King Colossus tile will grow larger, covering many of the tiles in play. During this sequence, if the player matches a +1 tile, an extra free spin will be granted, and added to those already in play.

Mobile Device And Smart Phone Compatible

King Colossus has been specifically designed to be playable on all modern platforms, including lap top, home computer, tablet and smart phone. The user interface, accessible via one touch functionality, is perfect for a touch screen, allowing for smooth, reliable interaction. The bold graphics are also easily visible on a smaller screen, with tile designs that are immediately recognisable. On laptop or home computer the game is also completely compatible, and may be loaded in a browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, without any permanent downloads being made to the computer’s hard drive. Do keep in mind, however, that the game runs via the Flash software, and will require the plug in be installed in your browser. Flash is available for completely free, and can be downloaded in just a few moments of time. To install Flash, simply search for it via your favourite online search engine and click the download option.