Hidden Valley

Search For Riches In Hidden Valley Online Slots

Hidden Valley is an online slot machine game, created by the Scandinavian company QuickSpin. It is played in the traditional slot machine style, requiring the player to place a bet and spin the reels. Upon the reels stopping, the visible icons will create winning sequences.

These sequences payout depending on their value. Note, however, that although the game uses a standard five reel, forty play line system, that the unique features allow for less tiles to be displayed then other, similar games. To learn more about this games special features, and how they tweak the slot machine experience, read on.

Standard Play Tiles And Matches

The standard play tiles of Hidden Valley have been lovingly created with highly detailed images. These include a number of characters that live in the mythical Hidden Valley, including a bearded man, cloaked mysterious figure, beautiful blonde woman, plus an eagle and an ox. With the bearded man being the most valuable, these icons will payout if matched with themselves at least three times, up to a maximum of five times. Note that the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also present.


Bonus Wild Multiplier Feature

The feature that makes Hidden Valley stand apart from other games is the wild multiplier system. On the right of the screen, from top to bottom, is a selection of multipliers that may be selected as the player chooses. Ranging from a two times multiplier, up to a ten times multiplayer, the option may be changed between rounds. The higher the multiplier, however, the larger the upfront bet required. Also, the multiplier will change between spins, randomly, depending on the range selected meaning that any one spin may is a mystery. Be sure to adjust the multiplier as you prefer, up or down, depending on how much you wish to spend per spin.

Real Play Versus Free Play

Keep in mind that this online pokies game may be played both for fun, and for real money at most online casinos. If you would prefer to play the game for free, simply open the game and an amount of free currency will automatically be given. This free currency may be used as the player prefers, and will be kept track of as if it were real. Keep in mind, however, that this amount will not be saved upon exiting the game, and may not be carried over to other games.

If you would like to play the game for real money at a casino that offers QuickSpin titles, please ensure that you have a valid account, and that you are logged in to the account.

In order to create an account, please have your name, physical address, phone number, and email address ready. Once the account had been validated, real money must deposited into the account, which can be done simply by supplying your bank account details. You may also link your bank account permanently, which will make future deposits quicker.