The Best Free Online Games

Online games are fun and easy to play; and in some cases they are even free.  There are loads of online games to choose from, so we rounded up the best options that we rate tops.


Wonderputt is a golf game, more like putt-putt really.  The game has mini golf courses with various obstacles from the normal to the strange.  The courses have ski slopes, lily pads, herds of sheep which will eat grass to uncover a new green.  The game looks very much like a puzzle box and the courses evolve as the game progresses revealing new sections.  This golf game offers hours of fun and offers some fun twists and turns.

Game of Bombs

Game of Bombs is similar to the popular PlayStation game, Bomberman, which at the time was one of the most addictive games created.  The original game was a multiplayer game and Bomberman can also be played online with players from all around the world.  This is a maze type online game so players will need to get their thinking caps on for this one.  At times there can be as many 1000 players playing at one time, so if this sounds daunting maybe opt for some AFL Premiership betting instead- there are less players to consider!

Die 2 Nite

Die 2 Nite is a browser based online multi-player game and is all about the living dead, zombies.  The main object of this game is to survive while building a town and protecting it from the zombies that are trying to attack the people of the town.  The players have to try and protect their town by searching for things to build up their defences and keep the zombies from plundering their town and attacking the residents.


Polycraft is an online game that players can play for free from their browser and is a 3D action packed defence game.  The objective of the game is for players to explore the island and to gather items to build a base to protect the island from invaders of all kinds.  Polycraft can also be installed as an app.

Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a creation of AlternativaPlatform and can be played for free from a browser.  This multi-player game entails each player’s tank competing against one another in various modes such as Control Points, Deathmatch, Rugby and Team Deathmatch.  The in-game currency used is crystals and players can accumulate currency by winning matches or they collect Gold Boxes that are dropped randomly during battles.  The crystals can also be exchanged for things, such as tank upgrades. There is a ranking system and players become eligible for new equipment.  The game also features Clan vs. Clan battles.


Runescape is an extremely popular multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG).  This game has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records as being the most popular free game in the world.  The game has more than 200 million players who are registered and the game is constantly being updated.  The game is set in a medieval era and players are given a series of quests that they must complete.  Each quest comes with its own storyline.  Rewards are given which includes money, items or access to undiscovered areas.  With some quests players must work together and there are also combat challenges.  Players should know that Runescape can become highly addictive.

Most players think that free online games are not worth playing, but this list shows that many of them feature challenging and fun gameplay with good quality graphics and sound.