Best Mobile Games Releasing in 2018

While nothing beats the audio and graphics quality of PC and console gaming, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular – and we aren’t just talking about Candy Crush. Sure, free puzzle and match games with simple graphics are popular across all age groups, true mobile gaming has gone far beyond this.

With mobile technology improving on a near constant basis, many people now have mobile phones faster and more powerful and their desktop computers, and it shows in the mobile games being released. As such, without further ado, here are the top mobile games releasing in 2018.

Rules of Survival

Perfect for fans of Battle Royale-style games, Rules of Survival is as close to a clone of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) as you’re ever going to get.

Much like in PUBG, Rules of Survival will have you parachuting in, raiding gear, and doing your level best to survive to the very end. However, this thrilling mobile game has raised the number of players to 120 and you’ll be able to create a team of up to 4 players or go at it solo if you’re up to the task.

Plague, Inc.

Usually as the protagonist in a game, you have to save humanity from a deadly outbreak of zombies, vampires, an incurable viral infection – you get the picture – but Plague, Inc. has taken this concept and flipped it on its head.

Instead, you control an epidemic of necrosis and your aim is to spread it as far as possible before a cure can be developed!   Mutate the virus to help it spread faster and it will eventually be able to mutate all on its own, destroying all of humanity as it does so.


This platformer game will see you hurling yourself from surface to surface as you explore the vast world of Salt in Dandara.

As it’s also available on console, Dandara is a bit pricier than many other mobile games, but the price is perfectly understandable once you delve into a multiplatform world complete with slick graphics, plenty of mystical creatures, and an excellent soundtrack to boot.

The Room Series

As we are sure many will agree Fireproof’s The Room series is one of the most remarkable puzzle games series’ ever created for any platform.

Now that The Room Three is available, it has become increasingly obvious that the game has grown in both scope and complexity as it has progressed and this new release hits that sweet spot between satisfying and cerebrally challenging.

With exquisitely designed detail and immersive tactility, we recommend full immersion on this one.

Monument Valley

If an Escher-inspired, rabbit hole of a puzzle game sounds like your cup of tea, then Monument Valley cannot come more highly recommended.

Control petite Princess Ida across her mysterious mission in a place known as Monument Valley, which is constructed out of non-Euclidean structures and inhabited by quarrelsome blackbirds.

Spending just a few minutes in Monument Valley will make it apparent what a labour of love this game is and with the second instalment having just been released, you’ll want to download it immediately.