Technology Behind Modern Mobile Gaming

Your average mobile device is a powerhouse of technology and innovation, and sometimes we all take for granted just how much the little device in our pocket is capable of.

The devices we have today are even more powerful than what writers thought up 50 years ago in classic science fiction, where many of the communication devices they made use of in films and series could only be used for just that: communication.

Our devices now are capable of so much more than that, and while they excel in many departments, its truly in mobile gaming that they have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Not just all gaming, either, as many people still stick to PC or consoles for their premium games. Where the mobile device really shines is with casino games, and there has perhaps never been a greater platform for casino gaming in history.

It’s not just the more common advantages of the mobile device, such as their convenience and size, but down to a hardware level, these devices are incredibly well suited for all the games that the industry has to offer. So whether you are playing your favourite poker app or some Canadian slots online, you can be assured that your device is the perfect way to do it.

The Touch Screen

The touch screen has revolutionised the mobile industry in many ways. No longer do we required large, clunky keypads or numerical pads to type out the information we want. Instead, touch screens have become the norm of the modern mobile, and it has been incredibly beneficial in many areas, but especially in casino gaming.

Touch screens use either resistive or capacitive technology, and each one is suited for different tasks. Most smart phones and tablets use capacitive screens, meaning that they use natural conductivity to pinpoint exactly where your finger or stylus is on the phone.

They are great for accuracy, and because of the quality of touch screens, they often provide better resolutions and colour than many high definition televisions.


Another realm that has made leaps and bounds in recent years is processing, and the processor currently sitting in your smart phone is many, many times more powerful than what they used to send people to the moon in the 1960s.

The processor is capable of managing millions of different processes at a time through something called frequency, allowing you to play multiple games at once. These processors are the culmination of years of improvements and experimentations, and some can even rival the processors you’d find in a modern gaming computer.


Everyone’s heard of RAM, but few people know what it truly is. Whenever you load up a game or an application, part of that app is written to the device’s RAM, which acts as temporary storage in a sense, allowing the processor to access that app and make use of it. The more RAM you have on the device, the more applications that it will be able to process at once, which is why RAM on devices has been growing exponentially in recent years.

There are many more components to the modern mobile phone or tablet, such as Wi-Fi, internal storage, cameras, and more, and each one is designed to make the casino experience that much better for you.