Reasons for Mobile Gaming’s Incredible Growth

Why Mobile Gaming is Growing So Fast

Gaming is one sector that has helped lead the charge of the mobile revolution. What began as Nokia’s famous Snake included on its early phones has grown into a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry.

We live in times when it is possible to pull out your smartphone or tablet, swipe to unlock, and log into a mobile casino where we can play Roulette, Blackjack, and other classic games with real casino dealers for real money via video streaming technology. If live casino gaming isn’t your thing, the alternatives are innumerable.

Take a closer look at the reasons for mobile gaming’s amazing growth in New Zealand and around the world.

You Can’t Stop Progress

The 80s gave us car phones and cordless phones, the 90s gave us the internet and mobile phones, and the end of the first decade of the new millennium saw the advent of smartphones.

The pocket-sized devices, only one of whose functions is to make and receive calls, of today are more powerful than the personal computers of 30 years ago.

As mobile technology has grown in leaps and bounds, it has also become cheaper, which has made it more widely available.

Whereas it was generally limited to those who could afford it in developed and better-off developing countries, mobile technology and its attendant paraphernalia has now penetrated deep into some of the world’s poorest or most under-developed regions.

Suddenly, those who a few years ago might only ever have dreamed of owning a computer can now access what is almost the collective knowledge of humanity in the form of the internet – and they can access the various mobile games it offers.

Convenience is King

Another reason for mobile gaming’s fast growth is the convenience it offers players. Before the arrival of the internet, players who wanted to play pokies would need to make a trip to their closest casino.

Once the internet found its way into our homes and offices, playing pokies on computer was possible – provided the modem could hold a signal for long enough. As much as online gaming casinos were welcomed by players, those players were still bound to playing wherever their computer was located.

The same went for arcade games and video game consoles. Great fun, but you were pretty much tied to plug points.

With mobile gaming, players can do their thing pretty much when and wherever they feel like it. Sitting on the bus into town? Not a problem. Games such as online pokies NZ for mobile mean you can still spin the reels to win money.

mobile gaming growth - mobile casinos onlineMobile Casinos Pay Out

Casino gaming is one of the most valuable sectors of the wider mobile gaming industry. One reason players have responded so enthusiastically is because reputable mobile casinos really do pay winners out.

Players have won multi-million dollar jackpots playing pokies, Bingo, or other games on their smartphones or tablets. Word gets around, and let’s face it – who doesn’t want to be a winner?

One thing’s for sure – mobile gaming isn’t going anywhere but up.