The Martingale and Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategies

As enjoyable as playing Roulette is, it’s tough to know how to bet when it comes down to it, and there may be times when your favourite numbers just aren’t bringing you the returns you deserve! Don’t despair.

The two strategies outlined in this article are wonderful options for serious players or casual bettors who want to try different things, and you’ll be glad to know they’re both easy to learn and even simpler to implement.

The Martingale Strategy

This method relies on you doubling your bets after you lose with the eventual goal of recouping all previous losses and gaining a small profit when gameplay comes to an end.

So you will pick an outcome, place your bet, and double the amount you’re wagering every time you lose. That way, when your win finally does come around, and it always does, you’ll be able to get back all the money you’ve staked. While this strategy isn’t a great fit for Aussie sports betting, as you can imagine, many players swear by it when it comes to playing the little wheel!

The Martingale, Step-by-Step

  • Your first task to find a table with a small minimum bet and a high maximum one. It’s vital that you start small since you’ll be multiplying losses by 2X and you’ll want to keep your bankroll going for as long as possible.
  • Stake a small amount, let’s say 1, on Black, Red, Even, Odd, 1-18, or 19-36
  • If you’ve guessed right, keep the winnings and bet the same 1 again. If you lose, take your bet up to 2 and wager exactly as you did before.
  • Now, if you win, you’ll have recouped your initial loss. You go back to betting 1. If you lose, double the wager and try again.

Repeat this process until you’ve either used up all your bankroll or you’ve reached the table’s maximum bet.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

As the name indicates, you’ll be doing the opposite at the Roulette table when you’re using the Reverse Martingale. Instead of raising your wagers when you lose, you’ll increase them when you win instead, lowering them whenever the ball lands where it shouldn’t.

The idea here is to capitalise on your hot streaks and keep losses to a minimum when you’re going through a rough patch.

Reverse Martingale Strategy Steps

  • Once again, find a Roulette table with high maximum stake options and small minimums
  • Take advantage of the same 50/50 bets again: Black, Red, Even, Odd, the numbers 1-18 or the ones from 19 to 36.
  • Keep betting on the same spot until you hit, if you lose, keep your betting low.
  • When you win, double up the amount you’re wagering, stay on the same spot, and play the next round. Double every time you win, and if you lose go back down to 1!

This strategy has everything to do with timing, and the Reverse Martingale is more of a challenge because your whole bankroll could disappear with just a single loss. The best idea is to set some money aside just to experiment with these systems and if they work, great. And if they don’t you’ll still be able to keep playing because you didn’t use all your money.