Simple Casino Game Strategies That Work

While most of the gambling strategies out there are simple, this fact has no effect on how quickly they reduce the house edge! And if you are playing the best of these you will soon find yourself winning far more sessions than usual and extending your bankroll for much longer than you generally do.

The Blackjack Basic Strategy

When you implement the Basic Blackjack strategy during a game 21 you can reduce the house edge by at least 3%!

The specific casino you are playing will have its own set of rules that will greatly affect the overall edge, of course, but if you’re playing using the Basic strategy you’re guaranteed to save money over the long-term.

It gives you the best chance to enjoy a winning session each time you play and also helps you lose less money when luck isn’t on your side.

Slow Down At the Slots

There are two factors to consider when you’re playing slots. One of these is that they have some of the highest house edges and the other is that players can go through as many as 300 spins an hour.

But they stand as one of the most enjoyable casino games around, so it’s a good idea to formulate some sort of plan when you’re playing them. The best thing to do is simply slow down the speed at which you’re playing and really savour the whole experience. Mathematically speaking, if you can bring yourself to playing just 100 spins per hour instead of the usual 300, your bankroll will last, on average, about 3X longer.

Go forth and enjoy the excellent pokies Australia and the rest of the world have to offer, but keep your wits about you. And you will definitely enjoy that Progressive Jackpot win that much more when you’ve been engaged and present for each adrenalin-pumping moment of play.

Strategy Cards for Video Poker

No matter which Video Poker game you choose to play, always use a strategy card. There will be one for all the different variations, and you can look forward to savings of 2% or more on each hand when you use them.

And, when you consider that you can easily play hundreds of hands every hour, saving this much can see you extending your game session by as much as 4X on the very same bankroll you always use.

Take the Odds

When playing Craps, begin each sequence of rolls with a Come Out roll. You can wager on the Pass or Don’t Pass Line during a Come Out roll and eventually a point will be set.

Once the point has been set you will be able to place an Odds bet. This stake hasn’t got a marked-out place on the table because casinos don’t really want you to know about them. Slide your bet out behind the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line you’ve placed and inform the house that you want the odds.

These wagers are provided at True Odds of 0. The house edge is nil, so placing these bets is a great idea!