Jackpot Jester 500 00

Jackpot Jester 500 00 by Next Gen

There is still a following of people who love and revere the old school style slot machines. Those three reel fruit machines with only five or so symbols and no special features such as free spins or bonus games. These slots could be found all over the world on every brick and mortar casino’s slots floor. Jackpot Jester 500 00 is based on these slots, with only five reels and all the familiar symbols.

Jackpot Jester 500 00 has only two betting option, 10 coins or 20 coins. Those with lower budgets who go for the 10 coins option should be aware that they are denying themselves the chance of triggering the super game or getting at the 50 000 times jackpot.

Unique layout

The layout of Jackpot Jester is a bit more unique than in other usual three reels slots. The game is set on a casino floor, with palms and a patterned carpet in the back ground that make you feel like you have just sat down at your favourite slot with a tub full of quarters. The game has two sets of three reels, the upper and the lower. The upper set only comes into play when you activate the Super game.

All the graphics in Jackpot Jester 500 00 are modern looking and nicely designed. The fruits are crisp and clear, with bright colours and no fuzzy edges. It is easy to see that this is new slot. Even the casino in the background has lots of detail and looks realistic. Jackpot Jester 500 00 can be played on both desktop and mobile platforms, and performs just as well on a smaller screen than on a bigger one.

Fruit Machine Symbols

Jackpot Jester 500 00 has only a very few symbols, all of which will be familiar to anyone who has played an old school fruit machine before. At the bottom of the pay table we find cherries then lemons then plums. These will pay out 40, 60 and 80 coins respectively if you are playing with the 20 coin option. If you are only playing with ten coins then you can halve each payout. Melons, bells and sevens will pay out 100, 300 and 400 coins when playing with 20 coins. Three jesters is the games highest paying combination and will pay out a pretty huge 2000 coins. If you are only playing with ten coins then the 1000 coins from three jesters is as big as you can win.

Twist in the Jesters Tail

Jackpot Jester 500 00 has a neat little twist that will challenge your knowledge about slot machines. Although this game may look simple to the novice eye, Jackpot Jester 500 00 is best played by experienced slot players who know when to invest their winnings and when to walk away.

When playing with 20 coins you gain access to the top set of reels, called the Super Game. This is where all the best hits happen, including the 50 000 times jackpot of the games name. Each spin here is 100 coins however, so it does not come cheap. The upper set of reels has all the same symbols as the lower set, but the prizes are much, much bigger. For example three cherries will pay out 100 coins, whilst three sevens will pay out 3000 coins.