iPad sic bo

iPad Sic Bo

Sic Bo is available for free download for your iPad. This Chinese gambling game is popular in international casinos and is now available for iPad users. This game can be downloaded from the iStore now.  It features great graphics and all the wager options offered in the finest Macau Casinos. This game was first introduced to the United States in the 20th century by Chinese immigrants and now is one of the most popular table games in Atlantic City casinos. It became a legally licenced titled in the United Kingdom in 2002. Due to its low system requirements and simple play style, iPad Sic Bo is a great title to play on the go with your iPad or during a quick work break.

iPad Sic Bo Features

One of the main unique features for iPad Sic Bo is that players can adjust the Sic Bo rules to suit the three main casino rules. You can adjust the rules for your iPad Sic Bo to play the Macau rule set, the Atlantic City rule set or the Australian rule set. Players can also take part in a career mode where you can play tournament style games.  Players can also improve their playing by checking the game’s stored statistics of previous games. iPad users are also able to see their Sic Bo winnings on the online world leader board.  iPad Sic Bo also adds dealer commentary to add to the casino atmosphere while you are playing. Finally players can zoom and adjust the screen to get a better view of the Sic Bo table.

Playing iPad Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese word meaning precious dice. It is also known as Dai Siu which translates as Hi-Lo which essentially sums up the game. Sic Bo is similar to craps in that players make a wager on a certain condition that they then roll dice to see if they can fulfill those conditions. Sic Bo, unlike blackjack or video poker, Sic Bo is purely a game of chance. Players do not need to learn specific winning strategies to be able to play well.

Players can first set their betting limits for the table. You can then buy virtual chips in game that you use to make wagers. Once the wager values are set, you can place your bets on the Sic Bo table that is divided into a variety of sections, with Hi and Low appearing left and right in the biggest squares. This is the most common wager that can be placed. Now the Sic Bo dice can be rolled and the winning section will light up and players can collect their winnings. Once the winnings have been collected a new round starts and players can place their wagers once again.

System Requirements For iPad Sic Bo

iPad Sic Bo is quite a simple game and does not require a lot of space once downloaded or a lot of system resources to run. iPad Sic Bo requires about 7 Megabits of storage space on your iPad. The game requires an iOS version 4.3 or newer. iPad Sic Bo can also be played on iPhone and iPod Touch. Players should note iPad Sic Bo does require a constant internet connection to play.