The Gorogoa Mobile Game is Great Fun

There are many different puzzle games available at the App store, and these mostly offer only very slight variations on the same exact idea. Once in a while, however, you get a really innovative puzzle game that introduces some intriguing new way to interact, and Gorogoa, by Jason Roberts, is absolutely one of these.

Surprising Ingenuity Keeps Players Coming Back

In the same way that the sites that offer sports betting NZ and the rest of the world make available have to keep things interesting in order to ensure punters keep returning, good games need to do things in a brand-new way as well.

Gorogoa gives you the ability to manipulate four panels, but the the ways in which you are able to do so are very intelligent, and offer surprises that you will definitely enjoy.

Add to these astute interactions some really beautiful, hand-drawn art, as well as a mystical tale, and you will have a puzzle game that everyone who enjoys this genre should definitely try out.

The Story Gorogoa Runs On

Gorogoa is the work of just one guy, Jason Roberts, and tells the absorbing tale of a young boy who sets out to gather five items linked to what seems to be some sort of South American godhead that has appeared outside of his window.

The story behind this game is actually a little tough to explain, since it is as vague as it is magical, and it remains open to a number of different interpretations.

That is the basis though, but you can look forward to a very pleasant playing experience if you enjoy metaphors!

No Tutorial, but No Real Need for One

Gorogoa doesn’t have a tutorial, but you won’t need one in order to figure the game out, either. Once you begin, you will see that there are four panels in a grid-system, and that these can be rearranged, zoomed in or out of, or shifted to the right or left.

You will be able to turn on a type of hint-system that shows you areas that you can interact with, but you will be able to work out what to do without this kind of help.

The magic begins when you figure out how to remove one of the tiles’ overlays -this is your introduction to the worlds within worlds that Gorogoa presents!

You Will Never Get Tired of the Reveal

Shifting one of the tiles’ overlays’ to the adjacent space and so revealing what is hidden underneath never really gets old when you play Gorogoa.

The surface is never all there is, and your shifting the overlays around is not just how you solve the puzzle, it helps the story progress as well.

Not only that, it also is the way in which the intricate mythology of the game is revealed, where worlds are wrapped inside other worlds, and, as you lift each of the layers and explore them you are able to reach your goal of item-collection.