The Good, the Bad, and the Bottom Line for Candy Crush Saga

The Good: Candy Crush Saga offers an innovative take on the standard match-three game type that Bejeweled popularised. It is a very simple game to learn, and players find it very addictive once they begin. Also it seamlessly integrates with Facebook, which is a good option for fans of the social network.

The Bad: The in-game upgrades provided are not cheap.

The Bottom Line: Even if you aren’t the type of person who needs to post your high scores on to Facebook, and you make sure never to pester your friends with invites to play, Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive, enjoyable game that fans of Bejeweled will adore. Also, it’s free, so as long as you stay away from the upgrades, you can enjoy fun for no charge at all.

Candy Crush Saga Takes Things Up a Notch

In the same way that the various betting apps available these days are all trying to make sure they offer you something the others don’t, Candy Crush Saga upped the fun by adding special game pieces to the match-three idea.

These are known as candies, and players can also enjoy boosters, along with game objectives that reach far beyond simply scoring a lot of points.

The addictive game play meets simple controls and fanciful animations, and many players are reporting a fondness for it.

Thanks to its handy map view, you will also feel that you are on a journey, with all the stages you have completed and those that lie before you laid out in an easy-to-navigate interface.

Playing the Game is Easy and Fun

Candy Crush Saga displays a board made up of various kinds of candy and asks that you match them in order to clear them out and score points. In order to make a move you will swipe your finger across two neighbouring candies in order to swap them.

Matching three candies of the same kind is the baseline, but matching four and more will yield additional points.

The larger matches also make special candies available to you, and these can be used in order to clear entire rows of candy, columns, or big sections of the board at once.

In order to score well in this game, you need to set yourself up for bigger matches, and chains of matches, as these will yield additional points.

The Extra Aspects Candy Crush Saga Provides

Candy Crush is more than a clone of Bejeweled, however, and proves this by adding special challenges to some of the levels, which make play more interesting as well as more demanding.

At different points of play you may have to contend with a limited number of moves, for example, or score a certain amount of points in order to win, or meet an objective out-of-the-box.

It is these kinds of tests that have managed to ensure that Candy Crush Saga remains head and shoulders above the rest of the many matching games available for mobile players these days.