Cherry Blossoms

Review of NextGen’s Cherry Blossoms Slots Game

Cherry Blossoms, created by the NextGen game company, is a slot machine game available to play online. It features a five reel, twenty pay line system, and functions by the classic slot machine rules. This includes paying an initial bet and creating winning sequences with the tiles. Upon a sequence being made, a solid line will indicate the match, and a payout will instantly be made. Keep in mind, however, that special bonus tiles allow for bigger payouts, and may trigger bonus features. Read on to learn about the unique tiles, as well as the free spins bonus game.

Standard Play Tiles

Cherry Blossoms features a set of tiles, professionally created by experienced artists, based around traditional Japanese culture. These tiles include a Japanese paper lantern, a fan, a bell, and Japanese styled house. When these tiles match, from left to right at least three times, they create a winning sequence. The house is the most valuable icon, and will payout the largest standard amount if matched with itself five times. Notice also that the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of playing cards are also used, but have a lower value then the more prominent picture tiles. The real money in the game, however, lies with the bonus tiles.


Cherry Blossoms Special Features

The geisha tile, featuring the face of a traditional geisha, acts as a wild card. She may be matched with any other tile to create a winning sequence. For example, you may get two aces, plus a geisha, to create a win of three aces. Plus, any sequence created with the geisha will pay twice as much as normal. Also look out for the scattered cherry blossom tile, which acts as the bonus tile in this game. If you match the cherry blossom tile, up to a maximum of five times, free spins will be granted, up to an amount of twenty five if the match is a full five. These fee spins will play out automatically, and any wins earned during these sequences will pay out five times more then usual if they are created with the geisha tile.

Mobile Device Compatible

The Cherry Blossoms slot machine game is compatible with mobile devices, including modern smart phones and tablets. The interface of the game, including the betting buttons and spin button, are designed to be one touch compatible, meaning that any device with a touch screen is a perfect playing platform. Note also that the tiles and graphics are bold and easily identifiable, allowing for a comfortable visual experience on smaller screens. Keep in mind, however, that not every model of phone may be supported. Upon downloading the game from Google Play Store or Apple iStore, look for the notification that reads this game is compatible with your device. If you are still unsure as to whether the game will run on your device, you may contact the customer support centre at our leisure. Otherwise, the game may also be played in an internet browser on your laptop or desktop computer.