Andre the giant

Andre The Giant – A Wrestler Immortalised in Online Slots

The Andre The Giant slot machine game, created by the NextGen development studio, is based around the well known wrestler of yesteryear. It features a five reel, twenty five line play system, and operates in the traditional slot machine fashion. The outstanding features of the game are the high quality graphics, outstanding animation, and professional soundtrack. The bonus features of the game, not only being spectacular to witness, grant major payouts and are sure to impress both veteran and causal slot machine players. Read on to learn more about this unique and entertaining online game found at New Zealand mobile casinos.

Standard Play And Tiles

As with all slot machine games, the player is required to make a bet, then click the spin button in hopes of creating matching sequences. The standard tiles of the game are all designed to reflect aspects of the professional wrestling industry. These include show tickets, a referee, a masked wrestler, a wrestling ring, wrestling boots, and more. The masked wrestler is the most valuable standard tile, and will payout a considerable sum if matched with itself three times.


Andre The Giant Special Tiles

The Andre The Giant tile is a wild card, and can match with any other icons to create a match. You may, for example, get two masked wrestlers and an Andre The Giant, which will create a winning sequence of three masked wrestlers. When landing a full row of wilds, from top to bottom, an animation will trigger, including Andre stepping through the play area and delivering a powerful kick. The scatter icon, represented by the written words Andre The Giant, grant a major bonus if matched with themselves at least three times. Ten free spins are granted, during which extra wrestling move tiles are added to the reels. You may gather these moves, up to five, after which an animated wrestling sequence will play out. Click the moves you have gathered, and have the option for a finishing move if enough are played. This sequence is very well animated, and a marvel to behold.

Playing On Your Desktop Computer

The impressive slot machine game can be played on your mobile smart phone, tablet, and desktop computer. In order to play on your mobile device, simply download the application, wait for the automatic install to complete, and tap the icon. To play on a computer, you need simply open the game via your favourite browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The game will load, without a permanent install being made to the hard drive. Take not that the amount of time required for the game to load will vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. Slower connections may require a few minutes. If the game does not load, and an error is returned, you may have to download the Flash software, which is required. Flash is free, and can be downloaded simply by searching for it via a search engine, and installing it as you do with any other software.