Canadian online casino

Several Canadian Online Casino Options to Explore

Canadian casino fans are luckier than many gaming enthusiasts in countries with more restrictive laws, as the federal government has devolved power over gambling activities to a provincial level. No games of chance are illegal in Canada, as long as they are hosted at operations licensed and run by the relevant provincial authority.

Since all the country’s provinces and territories recognise the value of gaming revenue in boosting social spending budgets, they all license and regulate various forms of gambling both in land-based and online operations. Canadian online casino fans, along with those who enjoy bingo, poker or sports betting online, can therefore enjoy safe, legal gambling at a number of sites, from anywhere in the country.

Criteria to Prioritise when Choosing a Site

Canadian gaming devotees can, of course, get access to a number of other online casino sites around the world, depending on the jurisdiction in which these operations are licensed. However, playing at these sites is a legal grey area at present. They may well accept Canadian players and Canadian dollars, but players can expect the same from any site licensed and operated in Canada. It makes sense, therefore, to stick to Canadian online casino sites, if only to ensure the player has the protection of Canada’s laws in the event of any player/casino disputes.

The next criteria to prioritise are privacy, security and fairness. Canadian online casino sites should have strong privacy policies to keep customers’ personal information confidential, certificates indicating that state-of-the-art SSG encryption is in place to protect players’ banking transactions, and certifications from independent auditors guaranteeing that the games have been tested for random, fair outcomes.

Game Variety and Reputation Also Important

Some Canadian online casinos specialise almost exclusively in slots, while others will host a more balanced selection that includes table games, card games, bingo and even scratch cards. In some cases, sports betting is also available on a separate page hosted within the Canadian online casino. Browsing individual casinos gives a good idea of the range of games on offer, and online casinos review sites can also be helpful in this regard.

Reviews from the vocal and active online gaming community also help players check out each Canadian online casino’s reputation, as players who encounter poor customer service or reneging on pay-outs are quick to share their disappointment. Review sites also usually check sites’ encryption software and audit certificates, to reassure players that the necessary protections are in place.

Promotions Often Seal the Deal

All online and mobile casinos offer promotional bonuses; most often welcome bonuses when new players register as members of the site. The best Canadian online casinos will offer free spins on slots or roulette, deposit-matching bonuses of 100 per cent or more, special games and card tournaments with enhanced prizes, among other frequent free offers to incentivise new and existing players.

All Canadian online casinos have a promotions page, which detail current and upcoming special offers. A player who registers for membership at several Canadian online casinos, therefore, will be able to browse the bonuses available every time they play, and choose those that deliver the most value and the biggest potential prizes.