Slots Strategy- Getting to Grips with How to Win Online

Before understanding how to devise a slots strategy for winning, it’s important to understand how slots actually work.

Slots software has random number generators, and every spin randomly selects the first, then the second and the third symbol on the reel.  The chances of winning on the game are based on the probability of the player selecting the correct combination of symbols.

Because the program randomly selects the symbols, there is no sequence to how and when they appear, making each spin as likely or unlikely as the last to win.

Given that the possibilities for the order in which the symbols show up are almost infinite, it shows how hard it is to win at the slots.  Luck plays a major role in winning, with the odds of winning the jackpot just about the same as winning at the lottery, only that little bit better!

Bearing in mind also how quickly the slots are played, it also shows how easy it is to lose money playing slots.  Most casinos don’t display the odds on a slot machine (apart from in the UK), so players never really have any idea of what their chances are of winning.

Thankfully, the RTP tells us what we can expect generally, so spotting slots with a high RTP is easy, and paytables also outline what sort of rewards are up for grabs.

Why Play Slots?

So why play slots if your chances of victory are variable?

Firstly they’re simple and fun to play with their bright colours, and cheerful music.  Secondly, despite the odds in your favour being so varied, there is still always that chance that you may win the jackpot, and jackpots on the slots are well known to be high.

Their payout percentages are always way more than those of table games, so the potential is always there to win big.


Slots STrategy - progressive payout slots


Simple Slots Strategies

Let’s discuss some simple slots strategy ideas to maximise your winnings on the slots.

  1. The first and most straightforward slots strategy is also the most important one. Decide on a budget and stick to it.   Because of the speed at which slots are played, as well as its low odds of winning, it is only too easy to get carried away and gamble away your entire bankroll in a short amount of time.  Decide beforehand on what you can afford to play, and when that is finished, walk away.
  2. The same applies to winning. Decide before you start where you want to stop playing if you win.  So for example if you decide that you want to win 60% of your original bankroll, then stop once you have reached that point, regardless of how tempting it is to keep playing and try for the big jackpot.  With the low odds of slots, the chances are you will lose your winnings before you win big.
  3. Make sure your choice of online casino is a reputable one. With all the casinos out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are legitimate. Choosing a licensed and legal site that’s well regulated is thus essential.
  4. The two types of payouts on slots are the progressive payout, and the fixed maximum payout. The fixed maximum payout is self-explanatory, whereas the progressive payout increases with each person that plays the game without winning.  The progressive payout jackpot undoubtedly looks bigger, but it’s important to bear in mind that most online casinos are linked together.  When you think about the sheer volume of people playing for that one jackpot, you can see how your odds of winning are way smaller.  Maximum payout slots have better odds of winning, so it’s better to stick to them.
  5. Go for the games with lower payouts. The bigger the payout, the longer it takes to build up that huge prize, so your odds of winning are better on slots game where the prize is smaller.
  6. Most importantly, your slots strategy should be to have fun!