The Best Strategy To Win At Tetris

Over the last couple of decades, Tetris has become the personification of the ‘easy to play, difficult to master’ gaming principle. Irrespective of where your Tetris-playing roots lie, you have perhaps spent hours trying to master it. Unless you’re a Tetris Champ, this endeavour has probably proven quite exciting for you.

Becoming great at Tetris requires forming a solid basis for understanding its gameplay, strategy as well as mechanics that will enable you to exercise specific skills and employ certain tricks that will advance your gameplay. Once you’ve gotten these principles under your belt, all that remains is practice, and in time you’re certain to see better results.

There’s a surprisingly long list of factors that influence one’s results with Tetris (for such a simple game). We have chosen a couple of the best ones that should help you secure those high scores more quickly.

What You Need To Know Off The Bat

The Tetris playing area is a 10×20 grid. Your goal is to always stack tetrominoes and clear lines as long as you can. In order to do this right, you need to fill a whole line horizontally with blocks, so causing those lines to vanish and giving you a lot more space to stack. If you run out of space and are no longer able to place any more tetrominoes, you will top out and then the game is over.

To play longer and earn higher scores, you have to creatively stack your blocks and take away as many lines as possible with each of the pieces that you lay down. To understand how to do that better, it really helps to know the game’s fundamental mechanics.

The Order In Which You Get Blocks Is Totally Random

It makes the game infinitely replayable as the order radically changes what you are able to do next. In addition, the better you play, the quicker the blocks drop.

Also, you can manually drop your blocks faster, irrespective of the game’s speed. Pressing down allows you to soft drop, which speeds up the current pace of your falling tetromino. Pressing up results in a hard drop, which instantaneously places the piece below its current position.

Try And Place Pieces Horizontally

After this to create columns so that you can keep the wall as low as possible. When you need to leave a hole in Tetris anywhere as an “overhang” you will then be able to slide the next piece under it. All you need to do is press and hold left or right control down before that hole and then the piece will slide into.

Watch The Preview Window Very Closely

When you know where you want to put the next block, the game is getting easier. Also you can place the actual piece considering the forthcoming piece position. And be creative! Don’t just play the obvious solutions, just like you shouldn’t only look at the favourites when betting on Melbourne Cup horses. There is some place for thinking in the Tetris game as well. And you also adopt some advance techniques that you find helpful at higher levels/speeds of the game.