The Best Mobile Brain Stimulating Games

Brain training is an essential activity that is necessary for everyone to do because it helps to improve our memory, logic skills and response time. As we get older, the more we tend to forget vital information such as memories from the past and certain vocabulary. Brain stimulating games are a fantastic way to help improve our cognitive function while also have fun doing it. These are the recommended games to exercise your brain

Word Search Puzzle

Word search puzzle is a great app that provides you an infinite number of puzzles with numerous themes and difficulty levels for mobile use. What separates this Word Search Puzzle is that you can choose your puzzles depending on the themes you’re searching for, such as countries, cars, food, animals and many more. The game offers its players an opportunity to personalize their experience depending on their experiences. Another feature that differentiates Word Search Puzzle is the ability for players to solve puzzles against the clock. You’ll have to find all the words before the time runs out. If that isn’t interesting enough, the speed in which players complete the game will determine their final score.


Sudoku has many puzzles that you can solve. It has a simple interface that’s developed for players to work on each of the puzzles without any distractions. All you need to do is simply pick any level and put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test and see if you’ll be able to solve all these challenging puzzles. If you’re not familiar with Sudoku, the game is fairly straight to the point. Each level has a 9×9 grid, and the aim is for players to fill the grids with any number between one and nine without repeating those numbers in any of the lines, columns, or smaller 3×3 boxes in each of the grids as fast as possible.

Elevate – Brain Training

There are many mobile apps available that help improve your mental agility and concentration, however not many are available that also improve your writing skills and speaking. Elevate – Brain Training offers that and a lot more. If you spare a few minutes of your time on a daily basis for a couple of weeks, you will definitely begin to see significant improvements in your spelling, vocabulary and writing abilities. The application comprises of 16 interesting games which you can test your comprehension, reading and concentration. The results will be recorded on a database that will show your overall improvements over time. You can download Elevate – Brain Training on Google Play and on the Apple App Store where you’ll also find video poker online casinos in Dubai.


Lumosity is an app game that focuses on brain-training science through training player’s memory and concentration with fun activities on a daily basis. The app offers a personalized approach to everyone that utilizes it. Lumosity operates as a personal trainer, providing numerous exercises to improve the cognitive areas that interests the user the most. The games are extremely good for your brain because they are developed in a way which will assist in improving your daily memory.