How to start playing Online Poker

A Short List Of Tips On Starting To Play Online Poker

The sheer multitude of online gaming choices available can often be intimidating for first time gamers.

Poker is a hugely popular table game that was originally started on tables at casinos but was quickly moved to online with the introduction of the internet.

This is a highly enjoyable social game to play when out at casinos, but the ease of access offered online gaming offers is attracting more and more gamers from across the globe.

So, when you are waiting to see if you’ve won big at Australian sports betting sites, why not take the time to try out poker online?

Some things to know to start your online poker gaming:

Poker face – If you have to get Botox to stop your tell tale good hand facial twitch, do it (ok not really,and also only for real life games) Even online you develop tells, yes where people can’t see your face. So focus on not raising your bet dramatically with a great hand, try and remain consistent with your bets, and never splurge and go bigger than the pot.

Small fish – You’re a small fish, try remembering that. The odds of betting and winning big on your first hand are very slim. So try find the perfect starter table, with small or more budget friendly bets and grow your poker skills from there.

Spend time practising, even try out no stakes tables to get experience but really focus on educating yourself as much as possible.

Where’s your head – Start off with a restricted budget and stay true to it! If you give yourself a budget for that day, keep your head and do not blow the budget.

It’s easy to lose, keep playing and not remain aware of how much is being spent at that table.

Focus on the budget, if you are running through it too quickly, move onto a lower stake table or pull back on your betting.

Also if you win big, do not suddenly lose your head and bet more or bet wildly, keep your strategy and you will keep to your budget.

Wake up – so you’re down and think a bit of online poker will cheer you up…nope! When playing online poker you need to be thinking clearly, and using your well planned strategies, so playing when you are stressed or tired is a sure way to make losses with online poker. Focusing while playing online against your opponents is the clear way to pick up any of their possible tells and use it to your advantage.

The common types of poker players

Passive – this style of gamer generally follows the lead of their opponents. They call more often than they raise, and often just watch the game play without getting to involved or risking too much.

Tight – this style of gamer is highly cautious and avoids as much risk as possible. This gamer will play very few hands and always remains in charge of their bets.

Loose – this style of gamer has no caution, these gamer lives off the thrill and risk of betting on whims with no strategy at all.

Aggressive – this style of gamer enjoys putting ‘unnecessary” pressure on opponents, with lots of big betting and opening pots.