Microsoft and Sony Collaborate on Video Game Streaming Service

They are two of the fiercest competitors in the gaming industry, so it has come as something of a surprise that Sony and Microsoft have joined forces to partner on a video streaming service project.

Going forward, Sony will make use of Microsoft’s Cloud service called Azure to host its PlayStation service.

What makes this agreement even more intriguing is that Microsoft has been trialling its own streaming service under its in house Xbox brand, so partnering with Sony was a very bold step out the box.

A Future Together

Sony and Microsoft have said that they not only would be working off the Azure platform together, they’d also be jointly working on AI applications and semiconductors in the near future. This announcement is as exciting as winning at an online casino, for more details, follow this site.

In a statement made by Sony Chief Executive Kenichio Yoshida it was made clear that Microsoft had always been a key business partner of the brand and that although they competed in some arenas, in other they collaborated with great success.

The new collaboration is expected to broaden both brands’ horizons and it is believed that their joint development of future Cloud-based solutions would enhance the availability and the quality of interactive content.

Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive of Microsoft also weighed in and said that Sony had always been a highly respected leader in technology and entertainment and that the partnership would simply build on the current innovations.

Rivals Turned Friends

In the gaming sector Sony and Microsoft have been bitter rivals ever since 2001 when the first Xbox console was released. However with massive competition from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft has to look at the future of their brand, as does Sony, and by teaming up on the Azure platform they can accelerate growth.

Azure is currently the fastest division of Microsoft’s business, and as live streaming and other services are starting to eclipse consoles, diversification is becoming key.

In Sony’s case it is also essential they move with the times and remain competitive in an ever-changing industry. Online streaming looks set to be the future of gaming and the move towards Internet-based entertainment is a smart one.

General industry consensus was that if Sony had tried to go at it alone they may well have struggled, as they are already a bit late to the party. Azure is well established and has a great reputation, and certainly has the head start, as does Amazon Web Services.

Reaching New Frontiers

Initially it seemed as though Sony was hell bent on staying on the console route and releasing a next generation PlayStation, but by teaming up with Microsoft they have shown that they are bucking tradition and fully set on exploring what streaming has to offer and the technology it utilises.

The streaming market is set to expand dramatically in the next few years and this collaboration between gaming giants in the industry is paving the way for a bright and exciting new future.