Why live casino games are a huge hit

Why Live Casino Games Are A Huge Hit

Live casinos are a great substitute for land based casinos.  Live casinos allow New Zealand online casino players to play online casino games while interacting with a live dealer.  Players no longer need to play at a land based casino to enjoy the atmosphere of playing casino games.

Live Game Options

New Zealand players will find that they will be able to play their favourite online casino game live.  Most online casinos will offer a variety of games which include Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and dice.  Online casinos will offer a live option on their site and players will need to sign up as they would at any online casino.  From there players must select which live game they would like to play and choose a table.  Just as in land based casinos the dealers are rotated, usually every 30 minutes when playing live online casino games.

Types of Live Casinos

New Zealand players will have a choice of three different types of live casinos.  The dealer studio is where a casino game is streamed from a studio which offers live dealer games only.  This dealer studio includes lighting, interaction, customisation and camera views and zooms.  The actual casino option is where live games are recorded and streamed from a land based casino.  This option enables players to interact and socialise with other players as well as the casino staff.  Television broadcasted games are live dealer games which are broadcast over the internet or cable TV which allows online casino players to play using their PC or TV.  With all of these options players are able to participate in live games and this includes interacting with the dealer, spinning the Roulette wheel and placing bets.

Advantages of Live Casinos

Playing at a live casino has some advantages over playing at a normal online casino.  Players will have the option of playing with other casino players and be able to interact with them as well as the staff at the casino.  The social aspect of live games is one of the main reasons why New Zealand casino players choose the live casino option.  Live games make use of real dealers, cards and other casino equipment, which often makes online players feel more comfortable when they can see what is happening.  Some of the live games are not available 24/7 as normal online games are and usually run according to a set schedule.  For those players who have a dealer preference it is good to check the schedule of the particular dealer.  As with normal online casino games New Zealand players will still be playing in a safe and secure gaming environment when playing live casino games.  These online casinos will make use of the same data encryption technology which protects both personal and banking information.

Live Mobile Casinos

Some of the online casino sites have made live casino games available on the mobile platform.  For New Zealand players this offers them even more access to live dealer games.  The list of mobile live dealer games is smaller, but the popular games such as Baccarat and Roulette can be played at almost all of the online casinos offering live dealer options.  A reliable, fast internet connection will enable New Zealand players to follow real time casino games.  Players can also interact with other players as well as with the dealers.

Live casinos are very popular among New Zealand online casino players and offers them the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of a land based casino complete with dealer and player interaction.