How The iPhone X Will Change Mobile Gaming

How The iPhone X Will Change Mobile Gaming

Revealed in September of this year and released on the 3rd of November, the iPhone X has so far blown people away. Despite its massive $999 price tag, fans still queued throughout the night to pick up their phone on the day of its release.

The question on all developer’s lips now is how will this new cutting edge mobile device change gaming? While the iPhone certainly is not reinventing the wheel with their device, they have taken mobile features and design to a new level.

Visual Quality And Structural Integrity

The 5.8 inch display of the iPhone X knocks the competition dead and will be amazing for playing pokies on. It features the Apple Super Retina display, True Tone colour technology, along with ambient light sensors, not to mention a ridiculous 1000 000 to 1 contrast ratio. This means that your games will look absolutely amazing, no matter where you are playing.

This is absolutely perfect for mobile gamers who enjoy some real money games at all hours of the day and in a variety of light conditions. Not to mention Live Dealer gaming will be even more immersive due to the incredible quality of the iPhone X’s display.

What further enhances the mobile gaming experience is the stainless steel case, making the phone tougher than most devices. The cherry on the cake is the IP67 water and dust resistance and the wireless charging which makes this device truly mobile.

Incredible On The Go Power

Under the iPhone X’s hood is even more impressive hardware. The main processor is the A11 hexacore processor chip, but it now also includes 4 efficiency-optimised cores making the device 70% faster than previous generation phones. What further frees up processing space is the custom GPU and the Neural Engine designed to power AI features.

All this power means your games will run super smooth, no matter what online casinos throw at your device. All this power naturally opens the doors to new game design elements and features like a poker opponent that grows in skill as you do, making online games even more realistic.

The only thing holding back the iPhone X from completely altering the gaming market is the simple fact that the phone is not in wide use yet. The price has put off a lot of customers and with the gaming market as competitive as it is today, few developers would develop exclusively for the iPhone X. What the device has done is set the stage for the next 5 years. It is now the device to live up to for developers. We are in for quite a ride.

The New Operating System

The iPhone X makes use of the iOS 11.0.1 operating system from Apple. While this is very similar software architecture to older model devices’ iOS, it has a few modifications to make full use of the 5.8 inch screen as well as the new software packages that run on the phone.

Compatibility issues are not expected, and not many have been reported but it is a definite thing to take into consideration. Developers may need to make minor modifications to their software to be fully functional on the new device but for now there does not appear to be any current compatibility issues and the iPhone X is set to be a great boon for any gamer.