Great Zeus

Great Zeus Online Slots Game Examined

To start at the beginning, Zeus becomes chief of the gods of Ancient Greek mythology after killing his mad father, Kronos: he and his brothers Poseidon and Hades rule the Earth, the seas and the Underworld, and preside over a pantheon of very recognizably human gods, who squabble, fight, and toy with the affairs of people, and at least in Zeus’s case, seduce a large selection of them as well. To jump ahead a bit, Williams Interactive Software has cultivated a reputation for quality and vibrant slots based on these themes from ancient mythology, as well as offering some legendary payouts, via the game’s progressive jackpot feature.


Signs and Reel Wonders

The game opens with an epic soundtrack, with the face of Zeus appearing, which he will again do later as a Wild Symbol, before closing up on the lightning bolt that he wields, which again will appear later in the game as the Bonus symbol. The basic value symbols that appear on the 5 reels are those of the traditional playing cards, which don’t really fit in with the theme of the game: however, these are followed in value by the throne of Zeus, the galley, the wine amphora, and then winged Pegasus and Hera, long suffering wife of Zeus, 5 of whom will net you a 1500 times payout, and Zeus himself, the most valuable character. The Wild Symbol is that of the classic Grecian temple, and will substitute for all except the Bonus.

Taste the Lightning

Lightning bolt symbols will zap across the screen when they appear in combinations, and will award

a certain number of free spins, 10, 15 or 25 for 3, 4, or 5 symbols respectively. The other important symbol is that of Angry Zeus, who appears on a red background on reel 5, and expands across the screen to fill other spaces with Zeus symbols: up to 60 of these can be added to the reels, massively increasing chances for a good payout.

There is also a randomly awarded Extra Spin symbol on the fifth reel, which does exactly what it says. With maximum bet in play, this is guaranteed to award a minimum return of 10x the original bet, regardless of whether this is actually won or not.

A God Amongst Online Slots Games

Great Zeus has been a casino favourite for a while now, based on the enduring popularity of Williams Interactive’s similarly themed titles, as well as the progressive jackpots, which can, according to legend, be timed to provide a maximum payout. It is certainly a busy game, with constant background music and arcade style sound effects, as well as thunder and lightning effects when the gods are accessed on the reels. For punters with an interest in mythology, this game is both based on legend, and a legend in itself, and its 40 lines are likely to serve up a winning shower of gold for you as well, if the gods should smile upon you!