Gaming In The Future

Gaming is a multi-faceted industry with many different areas of interest for those invested in the art. Whether it be desktop gaming via consoles or PC’s, handheld/portable gaming or dabbling in the realm of virtual reality, there is always something for everyone.

But most importantly are the actual games themselves and the 2022 video game release schedule looks stacked to say the least. Let’s look at some blockbusters that are anticipated by the gaming community worldwide.

GOD OF WAR (PC) – the former PlayStation exclusive was a juggernaut upon release, selling over 19 million units on one platform alone. PC players will now be able to experience the latest epic adventure upon which Kratos embarked before the release of the sequel, which is set to release later in 2022.

ELDEN RING (PS5/PS4/XBO/XBSX/PC) – from mysterious and enigmatic production company FromSoftware comes another game which has been kept mostly in the dark. Following in the footsteps of modern gaming juggernauts Dark Souls and Bloodborne there is huge anticipation for Elden Ring which is set to release in February of 2022.

POKEMON LEGENDS – ARCUES (Switch) – finally the fully open-world, 3-D, Pokémon game that fans of the franchise have been waiting for. Time will tell whether this modern adaptation of the Pokémon series lives up to the billing. Set for release in January of 2022.

Moving on from the games themselves, technology in gaming seems to be moving at a rapid pace that is showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated gaming tech coming in 2022.

Augmented and Virtual Reality – there has been endless talk, for years, about the possibility of virtual reality in gaming and how it would potentially look. Now, in 2022, we seem to be reaching a point where virtual reality in gaming seems almost inevitable and is already forming a large part of the gaming industry. Even casinos and sportsbooks such as those recommended by are jumping on the bandwagon.

Experts in the industry are predicting VR and AR technologies to be valuated at around $25 billion by 2025. Gamers worldwide need to be ready to shift their conventional ideas about gaming in the future, as desktop might be a thing of the past sooner than anticipated.

Cloud gaming services ­– buying and playing games has become a seamless and effortless experience in recent years, and that trend seems to be expanding in 2022. PlayStation, PC, Xbox and now Stadia are all following a cloud-based system for downloading and playing games.

Now might be a good time to visit your favourite video game stores as the final physical remnants of the video game industry seems to be dying out, and fast.

NEXT GENERATION CONSOLE WAR ­– we are still in the very beginning of the new generation of consoles (PS5/XBSX), but the battle is very much on. PlayStation has had the stronger start with many exclusives being announced and fixed for release in 2022.  However, the pricing and availability of the Xbox series S and X could be a strong tip in Microsoft’s favour in 2022.