Casino Hold’em

A Basic Introduction to Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a poker game that is quite similar to Texas Hold’em but instead of the player playing against other players, this variant is played against the dealer only. The main objective is therefore to hold a hand that has a higher poker value than the dealer’s hand.

The best poker hand is made from two cards that the player holds and five community cards that are placed in the middle of the table. Casino Hold’em is played with the standard poker rankings and an additional side bet may be placed on a hand of aces or higher.

This poker variant is played in land based casinos around the world as well as online. It is considered to be one of the more popular variants for online play and is available in a free play mode for players wishing to learn the rules or test the software before betting any real money.

The Rules to Playing Casino Hold’em

The player first places an ante wager before two cards are dealt to the player, two to the dealer and three community cards are placed on the table. The player then decides to fold or call after evaluating the two held cards and the three community cards. If the player calls an equal amount to the ante wager must be placed.

Another two community cards are then placed on the table and the dealer’s two cards are revealed. Both the player and the dealer then evaluate their two cards and the five community cards to ascertain which of the two holds a higher poker hand.

In Casino Hold’em the dealer must have a pair of fours or higher in order to qualify. If he does not qualify, the ante wager is paid out and the call bet becomes a push. If the dealer does qualify and hold a higher poker hand, the ante wager and call bet will not pay out but if the player holds a higher poker hand then both the ante wager and call bet is paid out. A tie means the ante wager and call bet will push.

Safe and Secure Online Casino Hold’em

Playing online Casino Hold’em is considered a more convenient platform on which to enjoy the game which is also playable on mobile. It is however important if a player does opt to play online that only the most reliable online casinos are played at.

Not only will the reliable online casinos be licensed and follow strict regulations which ensure safer game play, but they use high end technology to ensure that personal information and financial details are protected. Playing at a safer online casino gives players the chance to focus on the game without any hassles.

Playing Casino Hold’em online also means that players are offered all types of bonuses. These can be welcome bonuses for new players or ongoing bonuses and special promotions for frequent players. Many of the bonuses offer value for money but most of them may have wagering requirements which are more reasonable at the trusted online casinos.