The World’s Best Gaming Phones on The Market

The world of mobile gaming has come a long way in the last few years. Where once we had no choice but to make use of devices like the PSP, modern smartphones have become powerful enough that they can run a number of new-age games, and fully support 3D graphics.

Not all phones are made the same when it comes to gaming, however, and some tend to stand out among the rest in terms of their raw graphical power. Here we will look at the most powerful gaming phones that are worth investing in right now.

The RedMagic 5G

The RedMagic is a great phone to buy for those that want to make use of the powerful Snapdragon 865, which is considered just about the best processor right now for mobile gaming. The RedMagic has excellent, flagship specs, including a 144Hz AMOLED screen, 12GB RAM, as well as a choice for various storage options, all for under $600.

It’s also one of the few phones that has an active fan that’s build right into the case, keeping it cool while playing more demanding games. Not only does this provide better performance overall, but the lowered temperatures mean that the phone’s battery will last that much longer.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Currently one of the most powerful phones that Samsung has on offer, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a flagship device with some of the best specs in the industry at the moment. If offers a 6.9 inch display that refreshes at 120hz, which also supports the S-pen for those that like using it.

It boasts the Snapdragon 865 Plus, a better variant compared to the original. While the Note 20 Ultra is not a dedicated gaming device, it comes with the hardware to support just about the full range of the latest 3D mobile games, from RPGs to online bingo NZ.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max

While most of the phones on this list use the Android operating system, the best choice for iPhone mobile games is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While it doesn’t feature the same high-refresh screens as its counterparts, its powerful software and A14 Bionic processor makes it a great contender for the best Apple-based mobile gaming device on offer at the moment.

It should also be noted that the 12 Pro Max tends to be more expensive than the Android devices, with entry level models coming in at around $1000.

Asus ROG Phone 5

In the PC gaming world, Asus is well-known for their high-quality gaming components, so it makes sense then that one of the best gaming phones right now would be one produced by Asus. The ROG Phone 5 is the culmination of years of experimentation, creating a device that excels at giving the best gaming performance possible for an otherwise great price.

The ROG Phone 5 comes with the Snapdragon 888, a Full HD 144hz display, up to 16GB of RAM, and a huge battery for longer gaming sessions. The only real downside to this device is its weight, as the larger battery means a much heavier device.