The Benefits of Live Dealer Gaming

The Benefits of Live Dealer Gaming

Live dealer gaming has changed the online casino landscape. It is the best way for online operators to bring the atmosphere and excitement of land based casinos to online players. The live dealer space is a quickly changing and dynamic environment thanks to the rate at which modern technology is advancing.

Today many operators and live dealer providers have fully equipped studios with lighting and the best in recording technology to create the perfect live atmosphere for their members. They are more complex than the online slot has to offer, but they provide a whole new style of entertainment.

Easy Access

The best part of live dealer gaming is the fact that players do not need any special software or hardware. The live dealer experience is streamed live to your device of choice, be it mobile or PC so your phone’s processor doesn’t have to manage too much at once.

Very few operators expect you to pay for the live dealer experience so it is a free service to boot. It should be noted though that the table limits are often much higher in these games as they can be expensive to run.

Unparalleled Atmosphere

The main draw of live dealer gaming is how the best studios manage to perfectly capture the mood and atmosphere of a land based casinos. Many providers go out of their way to create beautiful studios that are designed to look like the best casino tables in the world. They also often add background music, or beautiful hosts and hostesses to help players get in the right mental space.

Even though standard online casino games try, and often succeed, to match the atmosphere and feel of land based games, live dealer tables just manage to have that missing X factor that you can’t get with online games.

Professional Dealers

With all the time and effort many developers spend on their sets, it makes sense that the live dealer him or herself is also of the highest calibre. Not only are these dealers professionally trained, they are also multi lingual to cater to a wide demographic of players.

They are also helpful and friendly and often they deal at a table with a host or hostess that really enhances the overall live experience. Many players build relationships with specific live dealers while others pick up helpful tips from them.

Comprehensive Gaming Variety

Just like with online casino games, live dealer games come in many shapes and varieties. You can find a host of table games that range from Poker to Blackjack. Roulette and Baccarat are also popular games you will find.

Basically any table game where there is a dealer or croupier will be available at live dealer casinos ensuring a comprehensive experience every time.

Special Gaming Features

The table games offered at Live Dealer casinos can follow a number of rule variations. It varies from site to site but you will never be stuck with games that only offer basic features.

Most live dealer games add bonus bets or side bets, some can even offer progressive jackpots. There is almost no limit to what can be offered by Live Dealer games.