Online Baccarat by Real Time Gaming

One of the benefits of playing casino games online is being able to access all the best games from around the world instantly from any computer or mobile device. When it comes to casino card games, Real Time Gaming’s baccarat is fast becoming one of the more popular games at many online casinos. In the notes below, we are going to look at how the game works, the overall setup and how you can get started playing and winning online.

How Online Baccarat Works

The online version of baccarat powered by Real Time Gaming is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a real live casino. The game itself consists of a single playing table where the dealer is situated at the top of the table and the player at the bottom. There are three betting areas in the centre of the table reserved for the players bet, the bankers bet and the tie bet. The game buttons and the player’s chips are situated at the bottom of the screen with the shuffled cards on the top right.

Placing Your Bet

A game of online baccarat begins with the player placing their bet on the table. The aim of the game is to beat the banker by creating the highest card hand possible using the cards you have been dealt similar to blackjack. However, in this game, players don’t necessarily have to bet on themselves. In baccarat, there are three main betting options. Firstly, the player can bet on himself (players bet), or he can bet on the banker to win (bankers bet) and finally the player can also bet on a tie (tie bet).


Calculating the Point Number

To place a bet in baccarat, players can click on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then place them on the respective betting options. Players can place a single bet or any combination of the three bets. Once bets have been placed, the dealer will then deal the player two cards face up and two cards for the banker face down. Each card has a point value. Cards 2-10 are worth their number while the jack, queen and king are worth 10 points. The ace is worth a single point. To calculate the point number, players must add the two numbers together and drop the first digit.

Baccarat Payouts

In a game of online baccarat, the computer will automatically calculate the point number. Depending on the players total a third card can be drawn. At this point, the banker’s cards will be flipped and a third card may also be draw. If either the player or the banker has a natural hand (total of 8 or 9) the round ends and the bets are paid out. If neither have a natural hand, the highest total wins the bet. In this game a winning players bet pays out 1:1. A bet on the banker will pay slightly less as the house takes a small percentage. A bet on a tie pays out the most with a payout of 9:1, however the chances of a tie are extremely unlikely.