A Closer Look at Pyrons Online Video Slot Game

Pyrons may seem like a traditional slot game at first glance, but players will be pleasantly surprised at the excellent graphics and possibility for winning.  Powered by Yggdrasil Gaming Pyrons has 5 reels with 20 paylines.  Pyrons takes place in a science lab and comes with great sound effects.  Players have the chance to win 50 000 coins per payline.

Pyrons Symbols

The symbols are the traditional fruit machine symbols such as the lucky number 7, plum, orange, lime, cherries and a star.  Each of the graphics are suspended in a bubble filled with coloured liquid.  Pyrons does not have a wild or scatter symbol.

Symbols and Payouts

The star awards players with the highest payout of 2500 coins for 5, 200 coins for 4 and 30 coins for 3.  Lucky number 7 is next in line and will pay out 500 coins for 5, 100 coins for 4 and 25 coins for 3.  The plum has a payout of 125 coins for 5, 30 coins for 4 and 6 coins for 3.  The cherries have a payout of 100 coins for 5, 25 coins for 4 and 5 coins for 3.  The payouts become less and the lime will pay out 80 coins for 5, 20 coins for 4 and 4 coins for 3.  The least pay out comes from the orange and has a payout of 70 coins for 5, 15 coins for 4 and 3 coins for 3.


Exploding Symbols Bonus Feature

The bonus feature of Pyrons is the main attraction of this online slot game.  The bonus feature has cascading symbols, which will explode during a win.  The glass bubbles will pop releasing their colourful liquid and will then disappear making space for new symbols.  Each winning combination will result in an explosion.  Each win will have a multiplier that increases with each win.  The multiplier begins at times 2, and then times 3, followed by times 5 and the maximum multiplier is times 20.  Players will need to get 4 wins in a row to be awarded with times 20 multiplier.  This bonus feature will end when players are not able to land a win and the game reverts back to the base game.

Easy to Navigate Control Panel

The control panel is easy to navigate.  The lines button is to select how many paylines to play with and the coin value is to select how much to bet.  The max bet is for those players who want to play using the maximum amount of paylines and the maximum coin value.  The spin button gets the reels spinning to begin the game.  The autoplay feature can be enabled if players would like the reels to spin automatically.  This feature can be deactivated at any stage of the game.  Players are able to view their balance on the screen.

The exploding symbols bonus feature creates the biggest opportunity for winning big.  The explosion of colour makes for a very entertaining online slot game and will be enjoyed for its simplicity.