The Top 5 Roulette Betting Errors to Avoid

Playing Roulette online is a thrilling experience to say the least. You get to place real money bets, watch the wheel spin on your screen, and look forward to amazing returns if your wager is correct. However, online Roulette is a little more involved than just betting and spinning.

There are actually a few mistakes you can make while playing, and if you want to maximise your winning chances, it is always best to avoid them! Read on as we let you in on the most common online Roulette mistakes that players make and how you can avoid them.

#1: Playing the Wrong Variation

This is possibly the most common mistake that new Roulette players make. Some versions of this game offer better odds than others, so if you are out to win big, you should always be playing them. French and European Roulette have the lowest house edge (2.7%), while American Roulette has a higher house edge (5.26%) because of its 0 and 00 slots.

There is nothing wrong with playing American Roulette if you feel like it, but for those who would prefer big wins, it’s definitely recommended that you stick to the French and European variations!

#2: Not Keeping Control of Your Bankroll

A skilled Roulette player is someone who has a good bankroll management strategy in place. This is also true for slots players trying out here and any other casino gaming enthusiast. Playing without paying attention to how you wager is a quick way to run your funds dry.

Keep track of the amount you wager and your own personal budget, and never spend more than you can comfortably afford. If you are on a ‘losing streak’, come back to your game another time.

#3: Playing High Stakes Roulette

However your online Roulette game is going, you will probably want to recoup any losses you make – and then some. Playing a high stakes game may seem like a good way to recoup those losses, but it is actually another quick way to burn through your bankroll.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can continuously increase your bet in a game with a lower house edge, either! Unless you have enough money to play high stakes games and cope with their losses, rather choose a stake that you are comfortable with, especially if you are new to Roulette.

#4: Paying for Betting Systems

You might have heard of Roulette betting systems, which claim to boost your chances of winning. While these strategies do have some truth to them, ultimately there is no strategy that can guarantee your winning chances.

Roulette is largely a game of chance, so avoid any companies or programmes that say that they can tilt the odds in your favour for a fee. These systems tend to be nothing more than scams!

#5: Getting Emotional

Every Roulette player has been overcome with emotion at one point or another. It is normal, but we advise you to keep a clear head whenever possible while you are playing. Becoming emotional can lead you to make impulsive bets or other mistakes that you could easily avoid. Remember, there will be wins and there will be losses in any casino game – it’s all part of the fun.